Signs of Diabetes in Women

Signs of Diabetes in Women

There is a clear gap between men with diabetes and women with diabetes. In 2007, a study in Annals of Internal Medicine revealed that between 1971 and 2000, the death of men with diabetes significantly fell. The same could not be said about women who did not show any sign of improvement. According to the study, women live 8.2 years less on average versus those who are not diabetic. The men’s figure? 7.5 years.

What is the cause of this gap? Bodies of women and men differ in a lot of ways, and naturally, they would react in different ways as well. The impact of diabetes can be harder on women especially if they are pregnant since the burden can affect both the unborn children and the mothers. Women must be aware of the differences and must know what they must do when they catch any kind of symptom.

Diabetes Is A Silent Disease

diabetes symptoms itchy and dry skinOne of the things women have to know about diabetes is that its early symptoms are not obvious at all. Though it’s easy to understand that early symptoms must be addressed immediately before any damage may occur, these symptoms may seem too normal to be noticeable. Many women with diabetes live normal lives only to know about their condition when a complication has formed, such as kidney disease and heart disease.

To detect this silent disease, a woman must go through a blood glucose test. Anyone with early symptoms and risk factors should go directly to their preferred physicians as soon as signs are detected.

Risk Factors Of Women With Diabetes

Women belonging to a family suffering from a history of diabetes are likelier to get the disease. However, just like any other trait, family history does not predict that following generations will get the disease as well.

Women over 45 years old must have their health constantly checked since they are more prone to a variety of diseases including diabetes.

Other factors include women who had diabetes during a previous pregnancy, women who gave birth to 9-pound babies, women with HDL cholesterol under 35, women with excess body weight, women with high blood levels of triglycerides, and women with impaired glucose tolerance.

Common Signs Of Diabetes In Women

Unexplained weight loss: Women with diabetes lose weight without trying because their bodies are unable to take in all the calories provided by their diet.

Frequent urination: Bodies of affected women flush out excess sugar through urine.

Dehydration: Just like excess sugar, bodies of diabetic women get rid of water too.

Polyphagia: Women with diabetes may have the need to eat in excessive amounts because high levels of insulin stimulate the body to look for food.

Infections: Diabetic women experience vaginal yeast infections, skin infections, and urinary tract infections.

Women should watch out for these signals. One checkmark on this list is already a reasonable go signal to visit a trusted professional. Remember: It’s better to be cautious now than regretful later.